Below is a list of all maps

Name Description
Adventurer's Plains Level 1-13
Amentet's Sacrifices Boss Stage
Anima Lake Level 19-47
Arumic Valley Level 90-115
Breezy Hills Level 8-28
Canyon City of Zant Level 9-20
Cave of the Dead Level 160-185
City of Junon Polis Level 33-55
Crystal Mine Mining Zone
Crystal Snowfields Level 112-128
Deity's Realm Boss Stage
Desert of the Dead Level 95-146
El Verloon Desert Level 13-34
Forest Of Wandering Level 170-190
Forest of Wisdom Level 35-55
Forgotten Temple (B1) Level 78-158
Forgotten Temple (B2) Level 152-168
Forsaken Village of Menes Level 210-225
Freezing Plateau Level 112-133
Geb Desert Level 212-227
Goblin Cave (B1) Level 45-55
Goblin Cave (B2) Level 50-88
Goblin Cave (B3) Level 67-100
Gorge of Silence Level 68-84
Heliopolis Level 190-193
Kenji Beach Level 56-73
Lunar Clan Field Level 124-148
Magic City of the Eucar Level 75-115
Mana Snowfields Level 90-112
Marsh of Ghosts Level 190-205
Memphis Level 212-229
Mount Eruca Level 50-80
Paradise of Ra Level 195-198
Portal Room Dungeon
Ptah's Rift of Souls Level 218-235
Pyramid Tombs (B1) Level 63-70
Pyramids of Giza The connection between worlds
Ramesses Mines
Santa Planetoid Level 60
Seth Shrine (B1) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B2) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B3) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B4) Dungeon
Seth Shrine Entrance
Shady Jungle Level 143-183
Sikuku Underground Prison Level 198-205
Tombs Of Sorrows [B1] Dungeon
Tombs Of Sorrows [B2] Dungeon
Valley of Luxem Tower Level 9-20
Xita Refuge Level 140-178