Below is a list of all maps

Name Description
Canyon City of Zant Level 9-20
City of Junon Polis Level 33-55
Valley of Luxem Tower Level 9-20
Adventurer's Plains Level 1-13
Breezy Hills Level 8-28
El Verloon Desert Level 13-34
Anima Lake Level 19-47
Forest of Wisdom Level 35-55
Kenji Beach Level 56-73
Gorge of Silence Level 68-84
Desert of the Dead Level 95-146
Goblin Cave (B1) Level 45-55
Goblin Cave (B2) Level 50-88
Goblin Cave (B3) Level 67-100
Santa Planetoid Level 60
Cave of the Dead Level 160-185
Pyramid Tombs (B1) Level 63-70
Magic City of the Eucar Level 75-115
Mana Snowfields Level 90-112
Arumic Valley Level 90-115
Crystal Snowfields Level 112-128
Freezing Plateau Level 112-133
Forgotten Temple (B1) Level 78-158
Forgotten Temple (B2) Level 152-168
Mount Eruca Level 50-80
Lunar Clan Field Level 124-148
Xita Refuge Level 140-178
Shady Jungle Level 143-183
Forest Of Wandering Level 170-190
Marsh of Ghosts Level 190-205
Sikuku Underground Prison Level 198-205
Seth Shrine Entrance
Geb Desert Level 212-227
Paradise of Ra Level 195-198
Heliopolis Level 190-193
Seth Shrine (B1) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B2) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B3) Dungeon
Seth Shrine (B4) Dungeon
Ramesses Mines
Deity's Realm Boss Stage
Memphis Level 212-229
Portal Room Dungeon
Forsaken Village of Menes Level 210-225
Tombs Of Sorrows [B1] Dungeon
Tombs Of Sorrows [B2] Dungeon
Ptah's Rift of Souls Level 218-235
Amentet's Sacrifices Boss Stage
Pyramids of Giza The connection between worlds
Crystal Mine Mining Zone